Raising H.O.P.E.

Raising HOPE Co-Sponsors Life Without Barriers!

Raising HOPE will be traveling to Ghana to fulfill a community outreach effort entitled: Life Without Barriers. Life Without Barriers is a series of workshops seeking to address the barriers that parents and developmental disabilities, such as Autism in children and adults.

Life without barriers workshops are expected to benefit two types of groups: Caregivers/parents that either have a child that has been diagnosed with Autism or suspected of having Autism/other developmental disability, and professionals including Doctors, Teachers, Therapists and other health/education related professions that are in constant contact with children in their community.

Life without barriers intends to equip caregivers/parents and professionals with the latest up to date information on the research including background information about Autism, interventions and strategies so that participants feel confident in identifying symptoms of developmental delays and possibly combating symptoms of Autism and other developmental disabilities.

The Life Without Barriers team includes a physician, a pharmacist, a researcher and occupational therapist, all dedicated to spreading awareness of developmental disorders in children in Ghana. Life without barriers autism workshops are sponsored by: Autism Research Institute.

Co- sponsors include MyGoal Inc., Raising HOPE, Global Autism Alliance, Agape House of Worship (NJ, USA), and Haven International Center for Special Education (Ghana). Joni & Friends International, StepFar, AwaaWaa2 (Ghana), AACT (Ghana).

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  • Raising HOPE Co-Sponsors Life Without Barriers!
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